QuickBooks is an efficient software that allows you to manage your business with ease. It is user friendly accounting software that doesn’t require pro-skills to perform most of the accounting tasks. It comes hundreds of accounting features that allows you in managing you financial records. It provides an assured security to your financial data. With QuickBooks, you also get the feature to view, create and export long and complex reports without any hassle.

The QuickBooks Desktop software is designed in such a way that it gets easily integrated with so many third-party applications. It also gets easily integrated with MS Excel that allows you to export long reports within seconds. This article will provide you the complete information about how to export QuickBooks reports in excel format. If you want any kind of assistance from our technicians, you can contact us at our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1800-210-5289.

Steps To Export QuickBooks To Excel

  • Open QuickBooks Company File and login to your company file.
  • Go to Reports menu and then go to the Report Center.
  • Select the report that you want to report.
  • Select Excel from the report toolbar and then choose one of the following:
    • Create New Worksheet – If you wish to export your report to a new Excel file.
    • Update Existing Worksheet – To export your report to an existing Excel file. Follow the below steps to select the workbook:
      • Click on Browse and then locate the existing file in which you want to export your report.
      • Choose the particular sheet in the existing file that you want to export the report to.
    • (Optional) Click on Advanced to set format Excel report you are exporting. Click on OK once you are done with all these processes.
    • Click on Export and your report will start to export. The exported spreadsheet will open in MS Excel file once the QuickBooks is done with exporting.
  Update directly from Excel

You can also update your exported reports while working in Excel. For this, you have to go to QuickBooks tab and then click on Update Report.

QuickBooks should be running when you update a report for the first time. This becomes important because QuickBooks keeps updating your integrated application preference — it gives a command to the QuickBooks that Excel has permission to access your data. After the first time, your reports will automatically get updated in the Excel even if the QuickBooks is closed.

Warning: Excel allows 256 columns in a worksheet

You can get this warning message if you export a report that contains 256+ columns. This can be resolved by following the below-mentioned steps:

Remove space between columns:

  • Open the Send Report to Excel window and then click on Advanced.
  • Unmark the Space between columns checkbox and then click on OK.

Create a CSV file:

  • Open the Send Report to Excel window and then click on Create a comma separate values (.csv) file..
  • Click on Export.
  • Provide the file name and then choose a preferred location for the file
  • Click on Save.

Advantages Of Exporting QuickBooks Report To Excel

  • When you export QuickBooks report helps you in editing the important information is required such as sales statements and invoices.
  • It helps you in managing and checking your complex data easily.

Technical Support For QuickBooks

The provided solution will help you to export QuickBooks Reports to Excel easily. Sometimes if you don’t follow the proper guidelines to export QuickBooks data, you may face several errors and issues. If you are also facing any kind of issue while exporting QuickBooks to Excel or any other issue then you can get in touch with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number +1800-210-5289 to get instant solution for your errors and issues.

How To Export QuickBooks To Excel

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