The error series 6xxx has various error codes and QuickBooks Error 6000, 832 is one of them. Like any other errors from this series, it is also related to the company file errors and it can be caused due to a damaged QuickBooks company file.

QuickBooks Error 6000, 832

Company files are one of the most important parts of your business if you use QuickBooks as your accounting software. It saves all your financial data and other important information and you definitely don’t want these files to get into any kind of trouble as it can even lead to a data loss situation. The error code 6000, 832 can occur due to the damaged company file or it can occur due to other reasons as well. This article will help you in resolving the QuickBooks Error 6000, 832 with manual process but you can also contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number +1800-551-2647.

Causes Of QuickBooks Error 6000, 832

QuickBooks Error Code 6000, 832 can be caused due to various factors and some of them are as follow:

  • Damaged QuickBooks company files
  • Damaged .nd and .tlg files.
  • Damaged installation of QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks could not find the company file on your system.
  • Firewall settings are not configured as per the QuickBooks requires.
  • QuickBooks company file is not hosted for multi-user mode.
  • Antivirus software is restricting QuickBooks to access the company file.

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 832

Follow the steps to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6000, 832:

Setup Configure Files

QuickBooks requires two configuration files, .nd & .tlg. These files contains the information about preferences and settings made by the user. These files gets rendered whenever you run QuickBooks. Both these files are required to run QuickBooks in multi-user mode. You may face some issues when there is something wrong with these files.

You may get QuickBooks Error 6000 832 when QuickBooks couldn’t locate these files. So in order to resolve the error, you need to rename these files. Doing this will automatically rename these files and you should be able to open the company file again. You need to perform the following steps in order to rename these files:

  • Open the Windows Explorer by pressing Windows + E keys.
  • Navigate to the folder that stores your QB company file.
  • Locate the files with .nd and .tlg extensions. (These files have the same name as your company file but with the different extension)
  • Right-click on the files one by one and select Rename from the drop-down list.
  • Add OLD at the end of the file name and hit enter.
  • Try to open QuickBooks company file again to check if the error is resolved or not.

Performing the above-mentioned steps will resolve the issues related to these configuration files as doing this will recreate them automatically. If the issue still persist then follow the below mentioned steps.

Correcting Hosting Settings

Make sure that the QuickBooks software has appropriate settings for multi-user mode. The hosting settings needs to be enabled if the file is located on another system. Open QuickBooks and then press the F2 key to check if the file is hosted properly or not. This will show the Local Server Information and other important information about your data files. Now, check if the QuickBooks company file is hosted for multi-user mode or not.

To check if the issue is related to your network connection, you need to create a simple company file:

  • Open QuickBooks and close all the already opened company files.
  • Select the Create a New Company option and then click on Express Start
  • Provide all the required information and then click on Create Company.
  • At last, click on Start Working

If the new company file opens then it means that the issue is occurring in the connection or the company file that you are trying to open. If you get the same error then it means that the is with your QuickBooks data files.

In such situations, you can install and use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. This tool helps you in resolving the data damage issues automatically.

Technical Support For QuickBooks

The provided solutions should help you in resolving the QuickBooks Error 6000 832 easily. However, in case if the error is still around then you can try to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks using a fresh source.

If you keep on facing the error code 6000 832 then you can contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-551-2647 toll-free.

QuickBooks Error 6000, 832
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