QuickBooks provides you so many accounting features that lets you operate your financial records with ease. It takes care of all your business requirements and help your business to grow. There are so many features in QuickBooks software and one of them is the QuickBooks Bank Feeds feature that allows you to process a transaction or download a transaction directly from QuickBooks Desktop. You are not required to go to your bank’s site and then download them. However, in order to use this feature, you have to set up your bank account in your QuickBooks software but sometimes you can face several issues while doing it. One such issue is the QuickBooks is unable to verify its financial institution that restricts you from using the Bank Feed services of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Is Unable To Verify Its Financial Institution

This article will help you to resolve the QuickBooks is unable to verify its financial institution through some manual steps. Basically, there are two simple steps that can be performed to resolve this error and this article has provided both of them. In case if you in a hurry or you are not sure about performing the solution steps then you can also connect with the QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1800-551-2647 toll-free.

What Is The QuickBooks Is Unable To Verify Its Financial Institution Issue?

It can be a serious concern for you if the QuickBooks software couldn’t verify your Financial Institution because it restricts you from processing various important transactions. You can also take assistance from the QuickBooks Support team about changing the Bank ID number for your QuickBooks Desktop.

Before you move on to the solution steps, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to get assured that the QBO file can be opened in QuickBooks application:

  • Open the QBO file in either MS Excel or Notepad.
  • Search for<INTUIT.BID>2002 that can be found in the 20th
  • Modify the last four digits to 3000 and save the file.
  • Then upload the QBO file to your QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks Is Unable To Verify The Financial Institution: Resolution

The solutions provided in this section are temporary in nature as there is no permanent solution for this issue. To get a permanent solution, you need to get in touch with the QuickBooks Error Support department.

  • Open the Windows Explorer by pressing Windows + E and navigate to the folder where the txt file is located.
  • Open this file in notepad.

For Windows 8/7/Vista users

  • Navigate to the location, C:\ProgramData\…………………… \filist.

For Windows XP users

  • Navigate to the location, C:\Documents and Settings\……………………………..\filist
  • Locate the name of bank MB Financial
  • You will get 4 sets on number on your screen. Note down the number with a pattern xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.
  • Run the QBO file in Notepad and locate<FID>, <BANKID> or <BID>in the file.
  • Change the number you get in the characters with the numbers that related with FIDIR and then apply the changes
  • Run QuickBooks and try to use the Bank Feeds feature to check if the error is resolved or not.

Support For Banking Issues

The provided solutions should allow you to resolve the QuickBooks is unable to verify its financial institution. However, the solutions provided in this article are not permanent and the same error can be faced again in future. Resolving the error permanently becomes very important because it can some other issues as well. You can get solution for this issue at our support department that can be reached by dialing the QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-551-2647 toll-free.

QuickBooks Is Unable To Verify Its Financial Institution

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