QuickBooks Payroll comes with a holiday pay attribute that helps you in managing the holiday pay of your employees. In this feature, you just need to add your employees and the date of holidays. QuickBooks will automatically manage all those payments for your employees.

This article will help you in understanding about the QuickBooks Payroll holiday pay and how to set up for your business. You can get more information about this attribute at the toll-free QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number +1800-210-5289.

What Is Holiday Pay?

Before you set up holiday pay in QuickBooks payroll, you first need to understand about it. Holiday Pay basically is an amount that are paid by the companies to their employees on federal holidays such as national holiday, thanksgivings day, Independence Day etc. On these days, companies are closed but the employees are still get paid for that day.

If there is any federal holiday in the pay duration, you need to pay your employees for that day in the employees’ paycheck.

Majority of the businesses in the US follows Federal Reserve holiday calendar that says there should be minimum 9 paid holidays for the employees every year.

How To Setup Holiday Pay To The Payday Page Of An Employee?

  • From the main menu of QuickBooks, go to Employees > Employee Center.
  • Click on the employee’s name and then select Edit Employee
  • You will get a question on your screen- ‘How much do you pay this employee?’ You need to click on ‘Add extra pay types’ if you haven’t assigned any category or you can also take your pointer to the pencil icon.
  • Mark the Holiday Pay checkbox and then click on Done to complete the process.

How Can You Add Holiday Pay And Accrual In QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Desktop helps you in adding holiday time and accrual amount easily that can be referred when you make any kind of the payment to the employees.

  • From the Employees menu, open the Employees Center.
    • If the employee name is available in the Employee Center then right-click on it and then click on Edit.
    • If the employee name is not there then click on Add New Employees.
  • Open the Payroll Info tab and then click on Holiday Pay.
  • Enter the amount that need to be payment and Pay and YTD.
  • Click on Retain if you want QuickBooks to create an estimate and accrual holiday pay.
  • Click on Pay Every Period if you want QuickBooks calculate your employee’s holiday pay and add same for every paycheck.
  • The default ratio value is 4% but you can set it as per your requirements.
  • Click on Apt Payroll Items Below Earning on that accrue holiday and then click on OK to complete the process.

How Can You Adjust Holiday Pay In The QuickBooks Payroll Holiday Day Software?

Modifications that you made in your employee’s holiday pay will affect your financial records and reports. Manage your sum total of holiday pay accrued while preparing the upcoming paycheck.

  • From the Employees menu, click on Pay Employees.
  • Choose an option between Scheduled Payroll or Unscheduled Payroll.
  • Choose the employee and Continue.
  • Check your cheque Preferences, dates for cheque and Pay Period gets over.
  • Select the employee’s name in which you want to make modifications.
  • Navigate to Review or Modify Paycheck section and provide the paycheck details.
  • You should get a VacPay-Accrued containing a sum included on the paycheck.
  • Click on Save & Close.
  • Click on Create Pay Cheques to complete the process.

Get Help For Holiday Pay Payroll QuickBooks Issues & Problems

Hopefully, the article was helpful for you and the concept of QuickBooks Payroll Holiday Pay is clear to you. By following the steps provided in this article, you should be able to set up and process holiday pay in QuickBooks Desktop. In case if you are facing any errors or issues or you are not able to understand anything about the QuickBooks Payroll Holiday Pay then you can get in touch with us at QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-210-5289 to get instant solution for your issues.

QuickBooks Payroll Holiday Pay
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